Animal Machines


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Animal Machines

animals and/as technology

a one day symposium

Friday 18th October, 2013 10:00 – 18:30

Jessop West Exhibition Space, University of Sheffield

In association with the Wolfson Foundation

The University of Sheffield, with support from the Wolfson Foundation, is hosting a one-day interdisciplinary symposium to examine the interrelations of animals and technology. It will feature contributions from literature, film, the social sciences, and information studies.

The pervasive association of animality and technicity is not only an ontological question but also structures various material and representational practices. Western philosophy has long struggled with this relation, particularly in the aftermath of Descartes’ famous assertion of the mechanistic essence of animality. The ethical and political dimensions of these ontological questions are brought into focus in concrete ways through the lived experience of both humans and nonhuman animals in their everyday embodied interaction with technologies.

anat pick. seán mccorry. fabienne collignon.

clara mancini. richard twine. robert mckay.

john miller. matthew cole. emily thew.

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